• Image of Wild Angels Cassette issue #2
A Girlsville International Cassette Day Compilation.

Girlsville is proud to bring you another all-killer no-filler Cassette Day comp. This year, Coventry UK indie pop giants THE PRIMITIVES check in with a cover of "Been Hiding", originally composed and performed by San Francisco pop titans THE AISLERS SET. NYC punks THE PRISSTEENS return to Girlsville with a never before released banger that finds them at peak HEADCOATEES-worship. Returning champs THE RED CORDS (Falmouth, UK), BLACK TIME (London, UK), PURPLE WIZARD (New York, NY) and THE TEAMSTERS (London, UK) all make appearances, and are joined by new favorites CHEAP TISSUE (Los Angeles), CITY SLANG (Chicago), and MURPH AND THE GAZORPOS (Falmouth, UK). CHEAP TISSUE and CITY SLANG inject some Punk/Rock'n'Roll swagger into the party and MURPH AND THE GAZORPOS contribute their punchy and infectious Power Pop hooks. And to finish things off right, MR. AIRPLANE MAN return to Girslville to premiere a scorching new tune that was recorded by Greg Cartwright.

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1. The Primitives - Been Hiding
2. The Prissteens - I'm a Mess
3. The Red Cords - Box
4. Purple Wizard - Putty
5. City Slang - Ain't The Way
6. Black Time - ESP Dub
7. The Teamsters - Sharp Suited SOAG
8. Murph and the Gazorpos - You Did It
9. Cheap Tissue - Up My Sleeve
10. Mr. Airplane Man - Over That Hill

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