• Image of Typical Girls Volume 4
  • Image of Typical Girls Volume 4
Limited edition Emotional Response compilation on clear vinyl featuring the Primitives song 'Rattle My Cage' and 15 other female fronted punk, hardcore, post-punk & indie tracks. Only a few copies available. Comes with download code.

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Side A

1) NO LOVE “Dead If I Do”

2) FRENCH VANILLA “Evolution Of A Friendship”

3) JANITOR SCUM AND THE SCUMS “Vacuum Rebuilder (live)”

4) COUTEA LATEX “Colere Vide”

5) MOMMY LONG LEGS “SK8 Witches”

6) CHROMA “Intervencion Y Disciplina”

7) SCHANDE “501”

8) ES “Unsavory Union”

Side B

1) EW “Delivery Boy”

2) THE PRIMITIVES “Rattle My Cage”

3) REPLICA “Motel 6”

4) PRIMARY “No Bridge Unburned”

5) C-3’s “Bell Is Ringing”

6) DECRANEO “Siento”

7) NEON “Neon”

8) CRUEL SUMMER “Skyless”

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