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S - 34/36

M - 38/40

L - 42/44

XL - 46/48

XXL - 50/52

Surely an album of year year contender ★★★★★ - Shindig!

Anyone who has ever cared for the Primitives will love this LP, and anyone coming to the band from scratch should start here. Either way, it could be the most enjoyable new music you hear this year - Monkey Picks.

That slow burn to releasing a new LP of their own songs had to deliver something pretty special – and it does ★★★★ - Record Collecter Mag.

'Spin-O-Rama' is the real deal, a new full-length of late '80s/early '90s melodies, raucous guitar and lethargic confidence - Norman Records

They've done the rare trick of coming back even stronger than they finished, making music on Spin-O-Rama that sounds like classic Primitives, but also making music good enough to be mentioned in a conversation about the best guitar pop happening in 2014 - AllMusic.

01 Spin-O-Rama
02 Hidden In The Shadows
03 Wednesday World
04 Follow The Sun Down
05 Purifying Tone
06 Lose The Reason
07 Petals
08 Working Isn't Working
09 Velvet Valley
10 Dandelion Seed
11 Let's Go 'Round Again